Housing Services

Veterans Leadership Program is proud to deploy several different programs to help prevent Veteran homelessness and provide safe housing for Veterans in need of assistance.

Housing Services

VLP’s comprehensive housing programs assist Veterans and their families in securing affordable housing in safe neighborhoods, close to community amenities, transportation, and Veteran supports.


Our Programs


  • Supportive Housing
  • Case Management

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Veteran Status
  • Experiencing homelessness
  • Diagnosis of permanent debilitating disability
  • No income guidelines
  • Serving Veterans in Allegheny County

VLP Program Guide – Updated December

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Success Stories

Army Veteran Eli was referred to VLP after finding himself homeless and was promptly enrolled him into our Rapid-Rehousing Program. Shortly after moving into his new apartment, Eli successfully completed a workforce development training and is now gainfully employed!

“I am changed for the better. VLP gave me peace of mind,” said Eli. “I kept pushing and pushing and beating the pavement. VLP helped me a lot, they stood by me. I really appreciate them.”

—Veteran Eli

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Success Stories

“I recommend this program because I was in a homeless shelter. Jason came and got me and my dogs and put me in bridge housing. Then Jenni even though she is new she is phenomenal she helps in anyway she can, she went out of her way to bring me dog food and extra items for my house, which I now have, and she is helping me move my items from storage, I am so grateful for the program, I would recommend this program to someone in crisis, Jenni and Jason made me feel cared for and like I mattered thank you!”

—Veteran Eileen

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We’re here to serve.

Veterans Leadership Program (VLP) is Pennsylvania’s premier Veteran-centric 501(c)3 (25-1434643) organization providing essential services to Veterans and their families. Whether you’re looking for help or you want to get involved with VLP’s mission, please reach out for more information and we’ll get you the resources you need as soon as possible.