Our comprehensive housing programs assist Veterans and their families in securing affordable housing in safe neighborhoods, close to community amenities, transportation, and Veteran supports.

In 2020, VLP provided 750 Veterans with housing assistance. 

Army Veteran Eli was referred to VLP after finding himself homeless and was promptly enrolled him into our Rapid-Rehousing Program. Shortly after moving into his new apartment, Eli successfully completed a workforce development training and is now gainfully employed! 

"I am changed for the better. VLP gave me peace of mind," said Eli. "I kept pushing and pushing and beating the pavement. VLP helped me a lot, they stood by me. I really appreciate them."


Marine Corps Veteran Josh unexpectedly found himself homeless and immediately came to VLP. He met with our housing team and was placed into his new housing within two hours. Josh was also presented with a Welcome Home kit filled with necessities he would need in his new home.


Army Veteran Patrick and Marine Corps Veteran Vincent walked to VLP for the first time within minutes of each other. Both Veterans were placed into their new housing in less than an hour. Veteran Vincent had been homeless for 12 years before coming to VLP and being handed keys to his new home.


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