Paul is a veteran who has a history of being chronically homeless. However, during his episodes of homelessness, he was able to maintain employment. Paul utilized the cold weather shelters during the winter months, but refused to stay in shelter long term because he would not be able to walk to work from the shelter's location. He always scheduled for overnight shifts so that he could be indoors overnight. He would often say that he was very resourceful and was able to stay safe. Paul was difficult to locate housing for because he would only consider rental units that were within walking distance of his job. Finally, in March, we were able to locate an available rental unit that is across the highway from where he works.


Since being housed in March, Paul has stopped consuming alcohol. He is maintaining his sobriety. He is able to work additional hours and often has some overtime. His health has improved and he states that he feels very well rested on most days. He is now volunteering at a soup kitchen that he used to frequent weekly. Paul is progressing to self-sufficiency and is able to rent share 50% of his rent for the upcoming month.


Dwayne was a Veteran who was incarcerated for over 20 years. He was released to Tomorrows Hope and started to get involved with treatment at the VA. He started attending groups and getting involved. Veteran ended up starting CWT and enrolling with SSVF. I was able to get him connected to section 8 and he was placed on the wait list for them. I was also able to get him connected to a local landlord who overlooks a person's criminal history. SSVF was able to move into veteran into the apartment and help him out with rental assistance, a bed and a welcome home kit. Veteran received a section 8 voucher which started May 1, 2019. Veteran also found employment outside of CWT and is working maintenance at Alto Rest Cemetery. Veteran has gotten himself connected with OVR and is interested in getting his CDL as well. Veteran has been doing great in his apartment since being housed and assisted with SSVF.


Scott lost his trailer because of being incarcerated for an incident that occurred when he was under the influence of alcohol. He went to the Altoona rescue mission. He was motivated to find employment but found it hard with an assault charge. VLP was able to connect him to a landlord and SSVF helped move him into a new unit. Scott started a job with a landscaping company. He was able to save up to buy a truck. Since then he purchased a truck  and was able to get hired full time. He now works full time and pays his rent on his own.


Kristie came to SSVF with an eviction notice; she had been wanting to move for a long time. She found a house in the school district that her kids were in and was able to move because of SSVF. Unfortunately Kristie fell behind in rent because she decided to start a home inspection business and quit her full-time job. Her home inspection business was not doing as well as she planned. With a testament to her, she was very motivated and ended up getting a full-time job in HR at Community Action. She was able to maintain her rent and does her home inspection business on the side.


James was enrolled in SSVF RR in March 2019 after receiving a notice to vacate a property from the local Fire Marshall. He was living in a place not meant for habitation. He was working, but only part time. His income did not provide him the financial resources to obtain a rental unit. James also had a difficult time getting approved for a rental unit due to a prior eviction. In May, James met with a landlord in his desired location. He was honest with the landlord from the beginning and advocated for himself. It worked; he was approved for the rental unit. Shortly after moving in, James was offered a full-time position with a local electrician. He began working for his new employer and soon got an increase in his wages. James was discharged from the program earlier this month, as he quickly became self-sufficient and was no longer eligible for SSVF. His increase in income put him above the eligibility limit.


James went from homeless to self-sufficient within a 90-day time period.